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About Me

Hello, my name is Nabila and I am the photographer behind SanyaZ Photography. In 2011, I decided to convert a serious passion in photography to a business. It was after years of enduring disappointing studio-based sessions with my own kids. After approaching some of my friends for loans to invest in some high end gear, I set out on my journey to create one of a kind memories for families. I haven't looked back since then. Now after having shot tens of dozens of events, I came to realize that working one-on-one with my clients to create beautiful portraits and touching cinematic videos is what I enjoy most. No words can describe how much I LOVE being there with you to capture special moments where love, happiness, playfulness are the focal point of your photos. I'm honored when you invite me into your world so we can come together and bring YOUR vision to life to etch these special moments forever into time.

When not taking photos, I love baking, spending time with my family and friends and traveling the world!

I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to drop me a line to say hello!

About Photography and Combined Photography/Cinema Packages

I offer photography only packages, which can range anywhere from 25 minutes to 2 hours in length. The most basic package includes the sitting fee and a DVD/USB of High Resolution Photos. I along with my partner offer combined photography/cinema packages that typically last anywhere from 45 min to 1.5 hours and the basic package includes the sitting fee and a DVD/USB of High Resolution Photos and 2 minute trailer of your family session. Please take a look at some of the samples on the page! I am confident you will love them! We work closely with vendors that create gorgeous prints and beautiful albums of all sizes!

Please feel free to peruse the galleries and videos and do not hesitate to contact me - I love hearing from you! Also the best way to stay connected is to subscribe to the newsletter so you are the first in the know about specials, contests and  upcoming photo and cinema session dates. Please don't forget to configure your spam filter and add sanyazphotography@gmail.com to your trusted emails so that your newsletter does not end up in your spam folder.

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Some tips to save you time and money

Here are some tips that will help alleviate the stresses of finding a photographer that suits your needs!

Things to keep in mind as you choose your Photographer: 1. Vision - Its important that you share the same vision as your prospective Photographer. This is important for one main reason, and that is simply that you want to be happy with the way the event was captured. If you prefer posed shots but the photographer's style is more candid and photojournalistic, you are looking at some potential problems. 2. Communication - Yes, they are a great Photographer but when you go into a consultation with him/her, be sure to discuss the things that are most important to you. Do you want the main emphasis to be on your family and immediate friends? Do you want more of a record of all the guests that were at your party? Do you want the photographs to center around you and your spouse? Ideally, the best photographer will cater to all aspects of these three, but an idea of which is the most important to you will align both of your expectations. 3. Coverage - Make sure the Photographer has enough people to cover the event. If you want a documentation of both bridal parties getting ready, you are essentially asking for 2 photographers to cover your event, or the second photographer may be able to cover only a portion of your event. The obvious thing is that if you have contacted the photographer, you obviously like his/her work, so sometimes its best to give them your vision and leave the rest to them…after all, that's what you are paying them for!

For the most accurate event quote, I highly recommend you include the following information in your contact form:

1. Event type

2. Number of people expected at event

3. Date

4. Venue

Thanks and Good Luck!



Zahra S. review of SanyaZ Photography on Yelp 5.0 star rating

"I know Nabila personally, so when I had her come over to my home to do a photo session with my infant son, I didn't realize just how talented a photographer she actually was! For anyone who has kids, you know that you probably have to take 50 pictures to get one that captures the candid moments that are so special, and then make sure it isn't blurry- even with a kid that is constantly on the move! On top of all of that, it was probably the hottest, most humid summer day when she came over- and she was able to keep my son entertained and not crabby. She also suggested different poses- both indoor and outdoor, which was helpful because I didn't have a game plan of what I wanted the pictures to look like. She also brought some really cute props and accessories for the pictures. Finally, she did some digital retouching to make the pictures perfect - which was a relief for me, because in one picture I was in, I was really sweaty and she took the shine off of my face with her photo editing skills. Overall I would highly recommend SanyaZ Photography, I was very impressed with the results and now I have some beautifully captured memories to cherish forever."

MM K. review of SanyaZ Photography on Yelp 5.0 star rating

"Loved her work and would highly recommend! She a true professional that knows how to take amazing photos that truly capture those little moments with children that are so precious. She also offered us an option to do a mini family video which is one of the most beautiful memories we have. While she did our photo shoot we had a video made and it captured all our emotions, movements and feelings during the whole session. Photos give a great still moment, but a professional video of our family is just something else. We got to choose a favorite song and the entire video plays to it. The video quality is professional level - its just such a rare offering. We are already signed up to do another video in the near future. Thank you SanyaZ for capturing our kids childhoods in such a memorable way."

Rabia M.'s review of SanyaZ Photography on Yelp 5.0 star rating

"I had first used Nabila for family photos last year. It was our first family shoot and it was more special cause of our daughter being born. She did such an amazing job! the location, the time she had suggested was perfect. she helps you decide on what to wear and helps with poses. we were so happy with her that she did our family shoot this blog year, she included my in laws and we got to have the same time as brother in law and his family to do group shots. it was such a special day for the Mazhary family. we couldn't be happier with the way the photos turned out. I was able to help access to the photos within a week and we have already bought some. Nabila is always on time and seems to stay later to make sure the family is getting enough shots. thank you so much for another amazing family photo session. already looking forward to next fall!"

Amrin A.'s review of SanyaZ Photography on Yelp 5.0 star rating

"Nabila was such a pleasure to work with. We did a fall photo session with her in October and could not be happier. From setting up the appointment,to our actual photo shoot, picking the pictures and receiving the album, everything went over so smoothly! She's such a professional and really does a great job. It's not easy to get toddlers to cooperate but she did a wonderful job in engaging my 2 year old and 1 year old daughters and making them feel comfortable. Although the package we chose allotted for only 30 minutes Nabila extended the time and worked longer in order to ensure that she got the best shots. The pictures came out beautifully and are truly memories that out family will cherish forever. I would recommend Sanyaz photography to anyone who wants a great experience and amazing pictures."

Jen B.'s review of SanyaZ Photography on Yelp 5.0 star rating

"I've done my family photos with Nabila for the last couple of years and I'm amazed each year with how amazing the pictures come out. I have two very goofy and energetic boys and Nabila does an amazing job capturing their true character in her photos. She is very sweet and patient to work with, she has great ideas for posing as well as being open to anything that I suggest, even some silly things that my boys have wanted to do. My boys are always asking when we are going to take our photos again, they love to work with Nabila just as much as I do. I'm always receiving so many compliments on the photos that Nabila has done for me. I feel like a kid at Christmas time when I get to view my pictures! You couldn't ask for a more patient, creative and professional photographer than Nabila. Her work is amazing and I look forward to my family pictures each year and I know that I will get some incredible pictures."

Perm R.'s review of SanyaZ Photography on Yelp 5.0 star rating

"I proposed to my finance and coordinated with Nabila on having a proposal photoshoot. We picked out a location a few days before hand and walked through what I envisioned. She was able to grasp my idea and execute without error! She is very professional, detail oriented and a pleasure to work with. She listened to our ideas and offered great input as needed. Her edits came back in a timely manner and exceeded our expectations. Great job Nabila!"

Sheba K.'s review of SanyaZ Photography on Yelp 5.0 star rating

"The first time my family and I worked with SanyaZ Photography was last year for one of my pre-wedding parties. Following that, my sister's bridal shower, and then my sister's pre-wedding party... and the rest is history. Working with SanyaZ has been an absolute pleasure. The photos are at the utmost professional quality and Nabila really captures t those Kodak moments. She has a real talent and her focus on her job and dedication really differentiates her from the rest. I have to say it is the icing on the cake to work with somebody so patient and actually helpful. I will never forget when she arrived to my sister's bridal shower, she walked in, put her camera down... and started to help with the final touches that we working on in the final hour. That really shows her strong work ethic and commitment to make your event extra special. I highly recommend SanyaZ Photography for events, parties, and family photos. A family photo will definitely be my next venture with Nabila. Thank you for making our events ever so memorable!"

Denise A.'s review of SanyaZ Photography on Yelp 5.0 star rating

"Nabila did our family photo shoot and it turned out better than I ever expected! I was really nervous because I never have good luck with photos and rarely have a picture taken of me that I like, but every photo that she shot of my family was amazing. The whole idea of the shoot made me anxious because we my son was one at the time and we were incorporating my dog, I felt like it could have been a complete disaster but Nabila was such a professional and put all my worries to ease once we started. Thanks for the wonderful memories."